Kings of War - Elves Bolt Thrower

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Elven Bolt Throwers are powerful warmachines, able to hurl bolts as tall as a man with such force that they can level castle walls or skewer half a dozen knights with a single shot. With a small crew of two, it is quick to load and fire, and light enough that it can be swiftly and easily moved around the battlefield, allowing it to be rapidly redeployed wherever its firepower is required. Number of Miniatures: 1 Warmachine and 2 Crew Product Type: Plastic Miniature Unit Type: Warmachine and Crew This Set Includes: 1 x Plastic Elf Bolt Thrower 2 x Plastic Elf Crew 1 x Mantic Guide 2 x Plastic 20mm bases 1 x Mantic Case with protective foam Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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