Kings of War - Orcs Morax Troop

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Morax do not usually carry the shields favoured by lesser Orc warriors, instead they carry two huge weapons, one in each hand. These chunks of metal are too heavy to be wielded by a man, but Morax are capable of raining down a flurry of punishing blows upon their enemies. Number of Miniatures: 10 Product Type: Plastic/Metal Hybrid Miniatures Unit Type: Infantry This Set Includes: 2 x Plastic Orc Ax Sprues (6 Figures) 2 x Plastic Orc Greatax Sprues (4 Figures) 1 x Metal Morax Heads and Axes Set 1 x Plastic Orc Command Sprue 10 x 25mm Bases Miniature supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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