Kings of War - Undead Balefire Catapult

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The Balefire Catapult is a horrific warmachine capable of blowing apart whole regiments of troops, inducing terror and great suffering at the same time. An arcane weapon from ages past, the Balefire Catapult flings a torrent of magical, rune inscribed skulls at the enemy, bringing much needed firepower to the ranks of the Undead. Number of Miniatures: 1 Warmachine and 2 Crew Product Type: Plastic Miniatures Unit Type: Warmachines and Crew This Set Includes: 1 x Plastic Undead Balefire Catapults 2 x Plastic Undead Crew 1 x Mantic Guide 2 x Plastic 20mm bases 1 x Mantic Case protective foam Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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