Kings Of War Nightstalker Spectres / Scarecrows Horde

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The zombie-like Scarecrows are always right behind you, shuffling relentlessly and endlessly no matter how far you run. Spectres stay close together and lurk in the freezing air, which eddies and swirls around them, lashing out with tendrils of white soul sucking mist at the choicest and most vulnerable targets.   


This Hard Plastic troops set includes loads of options to customise your units and is completely compatible with our Kings of War Ghouls and Zombies kits, so you can customise your units or create the insidious Doppelgangers!    

Contents: 40 Multipart Hard Plastic Scarecrows/Spectres and 40 20mm Plastic Square Bases. Supplied unassembled and unpainted

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