Mayday Games Large Card Sleeves - 70x120mm (75)

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Custom Large Sized Card Sleeves  These card sleeves were expertly crafted and laser-engineered to protect all of your 70x120mm cards!  Popular for use with: War Of The Rings: CE (Get two packs to cover the entire game.) Many more!  Also compatible with: (You'll just need to cut down the height for maximum fit in some cases.): Blue Moon Anno 1701 Power Grid Power Grid Expansion Deck Catan Card Game + Expansion Hellrail (3rd Perdition) Settlers of Catan Card Game Summertime Theophrastus Lord of the Rings: Confrontation Deluxe About these card sleeves: Custom crafted for cards: 70x120mm in size Best fit in the industry! 100% archival safe Acid-Free PVC-Free Clear Polypropylene


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