One Key

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The Key is missing, and it is up to the players to find it! The team leader tries to communicate with the other players, using the folding screen. He or she proposes clues by indicating their degree of affinity (strong medium/weak) with the world the team is looking for. With good teamplay, the other players must remove the wrong cards, step by step, until the Key is all that remains. But be careful, as removing the Key results in instant defeat!

One Key is a family game for all kind of players. It is a light game that proposes a cooperative experience based on ideas association and deduction.

All the objects are like little universes of their own. Find the right one to solve the enigma! One Key is best played with an app with a 3 minutes timer and background music to add tension to your games.

• Deduction game based on images interpretation

• Cooperative experience mixed with asymmetric roles

• Easy rules and fast setup

• All decision made by players are critical


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