Order of the Stick Adventure Game Deluxe Edition

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Based on the popular web-comic, Order of the Stick. Why just read about foolish and incompetent adventurers when you can be one yourself? Dive head first into the world of the inexplicably popular fantasy gaming webcomic. Take on the role of one of the six daring adventurers as you explore each room of the mysterious Dungeon of Dorukan in this hilarious satire of the fantasy genre. But beware, for the evil undead sorcerer Xykon awaits you at the bottom of the dungeon, and he has nothing better to do than focus on wiping the floor with your sorry butt. The deluxe version released September 2011 supersedes the base game, Dungeon of Dorukan (no longer published) and contains both the base game and the expansion the Shortening in one box. Contents of Deluxe Version: Rulebook 8-page comic/quick start rules Shortening rulebook/pamphlet 2 x D12 dice 7 x Life counter tokens 7 x Character movement card bases 151 small cards (41mm x 51mm) - 136 loot cards (124 + 12 from the Shortening) - 7 character movement cards (6 + 1 from the Shortening) - 8 stairs 429 medium cards (63mm x 88mm) - 156 shtick cards (6 decks of 20 + 6 cards for each deck from the Shortening) - 10 Xykon deck cards (all from base game) - 210 Battle cards (158 + 52 from the Shortening) - 48 Background cards (all from the Shortening) - 5 Wandering Xykon cards (all from the Shortening) 76 large cards (76mm x 127mm) - 7 Character cards (6 + 1 from the Shortening) - 54 Dungeon room cards (all from base game) - 8 Xykon's Lair room cards (all from base game) - 1 Dungeon entrance card (from base game) - 6 Quick reference cards


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