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Pacal, king of the Mayan city, Palenuqe, is trying to control all of the Yucantan's resources. As kings of other cities, you have other ideas. By using your influence to control resources in Kingdoms across the Yucatan, you can establish yourself as the greatest king of the Maya. Build temples. Alter borders. Control resources. During the game, players represent the kings who oppose Pacal and use the ten different resource cards and spend action points to expand their empires, dominate the 14 Yucatan kingdoms through their control markers, exchange the opponents control markers, reserve control markers and/or build Temples, scoring every time a Score Card is played by any player. The player who has amassed the greatest amount of control over the Yucatan Peninsula in each of the scoring rounds is the winner. Designed by Alan D. Ernstein Contents: board, 70 wooden border markers, 144 wooden control discs, 12 plastic temples, 60 cards, 6 scoring markers, rules. No. of players: 2-6 Ages: 10+ Playing time: 60 minutes 

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