Pathfinder Chronicles Dragons Revisited ON SALE

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Enter the Dragons Since the beginning, dragons have held a unique place in manâs mythology. Powerful and savage, with fiery breath and massive wings, they rampage across the countryside in search of plunder or rule mighty nations with iron claws. Their fabulous treasure hoards are the stuff of legend, and those few brave warriors who stand against them are assured their place in historyâif they survive. Dragons RevisitedÂputs a new spin on these timeless monsters, reimagining them for the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting while keeping true to their mythological and gaming roots. Within these 64 pages youâll find in-depth ecologies for the ten most popular dragon typesâboth the scheming chromatics and the noble metallicsâdetailing their biology, society, and relations to other creatures. Learn what wonders their lavish lairs contain, and how cunningly theyâre guarded. Delve into draconic history within the world of Golarion, and peruse handy sample statistics for each dragon type, ready to be dropped straight into your own adventures along with new feats, advice on using dragons in your campaigns, and other indispensable game materials. Most importantly, discover which dragons look kindly on humanity, and which ones regard all lesser creatures as food. Because getting the two mixed up can be extremely unpleasant. Fortunately, itâs a mistake you wonât make twice. Â

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