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Try to beat your opponent in this lightning fast card game. Everybody tries to put down as quick as possible and in the right sequence: Toilet, Turd, Toilet Paper, Washing Hands (with no two cards of the same colour being allowed on top of each other). When a player has no more cards or cannot play anymore he hits the whoopie cushion. The player with the most cards left gets a fake turd (point) and a new round starts. The person with the fewest turds/points at the end of the game wins. Players lay cards on the pile in the right colors and sequence: toilet, poo, wipe, and wash hands. As soon as a player is unable to play a card, they squeeze the whoopie cushion to end the round. The player with the most cards left must place a pile of poop on his head. After 5 rounds, the player with the most piles loses the game. Game includes 5 poopy headband, whoopie cushion, 48 sequence cards and instructions.


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