Pummeleinhorn - Mampf Mampf

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Nothing is better than freshly baked cookies! As soon as the stove opens, Pummeleinhorn and his friends are ready to eat them up. With a heavy heart, though, they put a few cookies in the jar to save them for bad times — but did they really release the cookies from their paws?

Pummeleinhorn: Mampf Mampf plays like Mau Mau in that players try to empty their hand of cards by taking turns playing cards onto a discard pile, matching the top card's color or number when doing so.

The game contains a few special cards that mix up gameplay. Each time someone plays a biscuit tin, a card from the deck is placed in the separate biscuit pile, and whenever a biscuit card is played, all of the cards on the biscuit pile are dealt out among the players. The Pummelfee card allows a player to hand cards to another player, but only if luck smiles on them in the right conditions.

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