Quest: A Time of Heroes

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With the new hero-game "Quest" players experience exciting adventures at the gaming table, that unfold just like a cinematic tale. In a chain of exciting quests, most players take on the role of heroes while another player is their antagonist - the Questmaster. He controls all the challenges that the other players cooperatively have to master with the clever use of their skills and abilities. Each of the quests build up on the previous ones and through the course of the campaign both the Questmaster and the players become stronger and therefore the gaming-experience more intense. The personal development of the heroes through the course of several games will be continued with further expansions, that will add new heroes, more quests, more abilities and new dire enemies. Contents: â1 rules booklet â1 adventure booklet containing â5 adventures â1 map â18 cardboard miniatures with plastic bases â 120 cards â 4 hero sheets â 3 Quest Master sheets â 25 coins â 12 terrain elements  2 ten-sided dice â 1 non-permanent pen No. of players: 2-5 Ages: 12+ Playing time: 60-90 minutes


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