Road Trip Star Trek Board Game

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Be The Dark Knight and save Gotham City from the perils of disaster while battling The Riddler, The Penguin, Two Face and The Joker in this epic board game. 

Gotham City's most heinous criminals are on the loose! As The Dark Knight, the city's sworn protector, you must race to defeat Two-Face, Penguin, Riddler and Joker before it's too late! Exciting game of strategy includes character pieces, score cards, action cards, dice, Batarang tokens, evidence tokens, and more.

Travel through Gotham City collecting information on the villains master plan. Carry out board actions, collect Batarangs, and acquire checkpoint toll passes while dishing out hard justice in thug battles. Gain access to criminal controlled roads that lead to villain strongholds in your search of evidence. Return the evidence to your Batcave for analysis to help you foil their sinister plot. The first person to complete their score card by acquiring 4 unique evidence pieces and return them to their Batcave is the winner.

Epic game of fun & strategy - Save Gotham City - Up to 4 players


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