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For several millennia, the tiny planet Solenia has lost its day and night cycle: Its northern hemisphere is forever plunged into darkness and its southern hemisphere is eternally bathed in sunlight. Your mission is to carry on your ancestors’ honorable task of traveling the world to deliver essential goods to the inhabitants of both hemispheres. While the Day people want you to deliver stones and water, rare in their hemisphere, the Night people sorely need wood and wheat to survive. Be efficient and outpace your opponents to collect the most gold stars by the end of the game!

The game plays out over 16 rounds, during each of which, each player plays one card from their hand. The game ends when each player has played all 16 of their cards. You can play the card on either of the following:

• a floating production island, to gain as many resources as the value of the card you played of the type corresponding to this space ; • a floating city, to fulfill a Delivery tile by delivering the resources depicted on it.


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