Sonic The Card Game

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Sonic: The Card Game

There’s no slowing this blue hedgehog down. He’s run off the video game screen right onto your tabletop, and he’s brought his friends with him. 

That’s right. It’s time to take your sneakers to the tabletop in Sonic: The Card Game!

Playing as Sonic or one of his friends — Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Blaze, or Shadow — race through levels built by laying out random cards. Collect rings that are worth points, and power-ups you can either save for points or play for bonus effects. Whoever gets the most points, wins!

But there’s a catch. Each round, a new card is drawn at random and added to the level. Before that card is revealed, every player has to decide (in secret!) whether to keep racing or retire. 

Keep racing, and you might hit the jackpot and bag enough points to win! Easy, right? Not so fast. The next card could be an enemy waiting to ambush you and end your chance at victory!

With every card drawn, you’ll need to choose when to hit the brakes and when to blast through with Sonic speed. Have fun bluffing and guessing what your fellow racers will do next!

Sonic: The Card Game is a competitive card racing game for 2-6 players. It’s fast family fun you’ll race through again and again!



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