Sons of Sanguinius (Paperback)

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Sons of Sanguinius (Paperback)


This mammoth omnibus contains more than 20 tales of the Blood Angels and Flesh Tearers. Seven different authors give their perspectives on these flawed heroes, providing you with a rounded and nuanced portrait of Sanguinius' sons.



Flesh Tearers by Andy Smillie (consists of the novellas Flesh of Cretacia, Sons of Wrath, and Trial By Blood)

A Son's Burden by Andy Smillie

Death of Integrity by Guy Haley

The Rite of Holos by Guy Haley

Lemartes by David Annandale

Sin of Damnation by Gav Thorpe

Sanguis Irae by Gav Thorpe

Mephiston: Lord of Death by David Annandale

Eclipse of Hope by David Annandale

Heart of Rage by James Swallow

Crimson Night by James Swallow

The Fury by James Swallow

Honours by James Swallow

The Chalice by Chris Wraight

The Blooding by Rachel Harrison

Honour and Wrath by David Annandale

Eternal by Dan Abnett

The Sanguinor: Exemplar of the Host by James Swallow

Dante: Lord of the Host by James Swallow

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