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ÂFor years prospectors, speculators, and frontier folk flocked to remote areas of the American Southwest in search of their fortunes. Makeshift towns cropped up around rich mines of copper, silver, gold and other precious commodities, only to fade away as the resources ran out. Now only ghost towns are left as testament to the community that once lived there. While the lucky ones made their fortunes; most folks barely scratched out a meager existence in these harsh and lonely towns. Some died lonely deaths in these places far from home, and now their souls wander around these ghost towns haunting them until the day when their soul can return home to achieve final peace. The ghost trains are these lost soulsâ ticket to rest. These spectral trains glide majestically along ethereal rails looking for lost souls and give them passage homeward. You are the engineer of a ghost train. Your job is to find lost souls in various ghost towns and deliver them to their home towns so that they can achieve final peace. Contents: double-sided board, 4 player mats, 54 soul tiles, 36 ether cards, 52 wooden track segments, 4 wooden trains, 8 coins for the ferryman, 1 spirit leader marker and base, 6 train wreck markers, rules No. of players: 3-4 Ages: 12+ Playing time: 60 minutes 


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