Star Saga: The Eiras Contract Core Set

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The Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere is the most technologically advanced civilisation in the history of mankind. When a powerful corporation starts stealing secrets, a team of the galaxyâs deadliest mercenaries is hired to retrieve them. Their target: a network of laboratories hidden deep beneath the surface of the planet Eiras. The reward is high, but so is the risk! If the elite guards werenât enough, our heroes will also have to deal with the monstrous creations of Eirasâ twisted master... Welcome to Star Saga, a game of high adventure in a futuristic world of space travel, advanced technology, and myriad alien races. Choose your character and take to the table-top to defeat evil scientists, merciless Marines, and devious puzzles. As the story takes unexpected twists and turns youâll be forced to make difficult decisions to stay alive. Play games with 1-5 players, pitting the intrepid Mercenaries against the scheming Nexus Player, either competitively or cooperatively. Play single games in just 30 minutes, or combine the immersive scenarios with innovative new campaign and experience rules for hours of gameplay. Level up your mercenaries to unlock new and more powerful skills, ready to face off against deadly bosses and monsters. Customise missions with different mercenaries and enemies for endless replayabilty and easily add new characters to change the meta. Play right out of the box! This set contains everyting you need to play, including awesome, pre-assembled, detailed miniatures and incredible 3D scenery to bring your games to life! Experience the twists and turns of the narrative missions to keep you and your team on the edge of your seat. When the fate of the universe hangs in the balance, which part will you play in the epic Star Saga? This set contains everything you need to play Star Saga: The Eiras Contract, including: 6 Pre-assembled Plastic Mercenaries 5 Pre-assembled Plastic Bosses 24 Pre-assemebled Plastic Minions 10 Plastic Starship Doors 26 Pieces of Pre-assembled Plastic Starship Scenery 33 High Quality, Double-sided, Cardstock Tiles High Quality Cardstock Counters and Templates 10 Unique Attack and Defence Dice Over 130 Cards including Character Cards, Nexus Cards and Equipment Cards Core Rulebook with rules for Solo Play, Experience, Campaigns and more! Eiras Contract Mission Book, with 12 exciting missions to play through! Miniatures supplied assembled and unpainted in coloured plastic.


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