Star Wars Destiny: Empire at War Booster Display

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Star Wars Destiny: Empire at War Booster Display

Enter the Star Wars™ galaxy with Empire at War, the new set of boosters for Star Wars: Destiny! Empire at War emulates the chaos found in the Star Wars galaxy during its darkest times with themes that disrupt your opponent’s board and decimate their best laid plans. These 160 brandnew cards will focus on taking core concepts of Star Wars: Destiny and throwing them into disarray!

• Featuring characters like Thrawn, Ezra Bridger, and Sabine Wren, Empire at War brings the cast of Star Wars Rebels to your tabletop

• 160 brand-new cards expand your Star Wars: Destiny collection

• Empire at War features characters and locations spanning the entire Star Wars saga

• Features new character, support, upgrade, and event cards focused on disrupting your opponent’s strategies


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