Star Wars: Force and Destiny Ghosts of Dathomir

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The dark side is calling you in Ghosts of Dathomir, an upcoming adventure supplement for the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game. When a mysterious and powerful artifact suddenly surfaces on Toydaria, you embark on a journey into the lawless Outer Rim. Along the way youâll enter negotiations with a ruthless Hutt kajidic, experience relentless Force visions, and discover some of the darkest secrets of the galaxy. A new page adventure for the Star Wars: Force an Destiny role playing game Takes PCs into the Outer Rim on the search for a dangerous Force imbued artifact Features a new Force power that enables s to affect others emotions Introduces plenty of new adversaries an includes two new location gazetteers Fully compatible with Edge of the Empire an Age of Rebellion role playing systems.


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