Terrain Crate: Ruined City

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Humanity fights wars on many fronts across the stars. As quickly as new a colony and infrastructure is established, it is ruined or abandoned to alien incursions. Many armies still fight over these collapsing structures, relying on what little cover they can provide; knowing that they have been abandoned, too. This set contains nearly 420 pieces of modular terrain including 240 Connectors, allowing you to construct a range of buildings that will provide plenty of cover for any wargame. This set contains: 7x Ruins Sprue 7.1 5x Ruins Sprue 7.2  4x Urban Sprue 1 4x Urban Sprue 2.1 4x Urban Sprue 2.2 1x Accessories Sprue 3 5x Connectors Supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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