Terrain Crate Gothic Manor

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TerrainCrate: Gothic Manor


This set contains 35 pieces to furnish a gothic dungeon, castle or manor. The scale is 28-30mm, making them perfect for many fantasy and historical games. The pieces are cast in high quality plastic and are preassembled, ready to play straight out of the box.

Contains 35 pieces of Plastic Scenery:

Baby Grand Piano Chair

Baby Grand Piano

Carriage Clock

Dressing Table – Gothic

Dressing Table Stool – Gothic

Fireplace Tools

Grandfather Clock

Rocking Chair – Gothic

Armchair – Gothic

Bedside Table – Gothic

Bookshelf – Small

Candelabra Large

Candelabra Small

Dining Chair – Gothic 1

Dining Chair – Gothic 2

Double Bed – Gothic

Rug – Oval

Desk – Gothic

Dining Table – Gothic

Sofa – Gothic

Suit of Armour

Wardrobe – Gothic



Cellar Door

Chest Freezer

Drain Grate

Kitchen Bin

Paint Tins

Pedestal Sink

Toilet Base and Cistern

Bottle and Glasses

Picnic Blanket

Picnic Hamper

Plate with Sandwiches

Models supplied unpainted



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