Terrain Crate: Wizard`s Study

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This set contains everything that a sorcerous academic could need. There is a magic mirror, an orrery, several shelves full of alchemical equipment and tomes, and even a pet owl!

This set contains 20 pre-coloured pieces of plastic terrain, including:

2 Brown Bookcases

2 Brown Cabinets

2 Brown Bookcase Corners

2 Brown Half Bookcases

2 Brown Candlesticks

2 Brown Piles of Books

1 Brown Parchment

1 Brown set of Candles

1 Brown set of Potions

1 Brown Ladder

1 Brown Desk

1 Brown Comfy Chair

1 Brown Mirror

1 Brown Orrery

1 Brown Owl on perch

1 Brown Scrying Pool

Supplied assembled and unpainted. Miniatures shown for scale purposes only and are not included.


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