The Lord of the Rings Card Game The Blood of Gondor

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We have this honour: ever we bear the brunt of the chief hatred of the Dark Lord, for that hatred comes down out of the depths of time and over the deeps of the Sea. Denethor, The Return of the King Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Blood of Gondor, the fifth Adventure Pack in the Against the Shadow cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game! After Lord Boromir valiantly leads the war host of Gondor to reclaim the city of Osgiliath, he asks the Rangers of Ithilien to pursue their retreating foes. He also asks several of Middle-earthâs greatest heroes to join the hunt. The Blood of Gondor immerses players in the dangers and the thrills of the hunt. They control Middle-earthâs heroes in an all-new scenario in which they seek to stop their foes from retreating and regrouping. However, the forest roads of Ithilien are full of perils, and the Orcs and Uruks of Mordor lurk in wait along the way. Will the hunters become the hunted? The Blood of Gondor introduces scenario-specific rules for âhiddenâ cards and the dark menace of the Black NÃmenorean.

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