The Walking Dead: Rick, Disfigured but Determined Booster

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Rick was mutilated at Woodbury. Seeing that the Governor and his followers could not be reasoned with, he resolved to take up arms and resist them, to protect his family and friends. This booster pack contains 3 unique, collectible miniatures allowing you to add Rick and Curtis to your games, along with an extra Walker to bulk out your herd. Contents: ÂÂÂ Plastic Rick and Curtis Miniatures ÂÂÂ Plastic Walker Miniature ÂÂÂ Rick, Disfigured but Determined and Curtis Cards ÂÂÂ AK-47, AP Ammo, Leather Jacket, and Molotov Equipment Cards ÂÂÂ Mantic Points Miniatures supplied assembled and unpainted. Requires The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game Core Set to play. Â

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