The Curse of the Pirate Gold

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The Curse of the Pirate Gold Das Verfluchte Piratengold

Bold adventurers have found a bag full of gold on a mysterious island. Unfortunately among the gold pieces are also cursed coins that summon the feared pirate Captain Black. The player who, with some luck, draws the most gold coins from the bag and stows them in their wooden box is a step ahead. But watch out for the cursed black pirate gold!

Short game instructions:

• Prepare the game according to the game instructions.

• When it is your turn, draw as many coins as you like from the bag.

• If you only draw gold coins, put them in your own wooden box; if there are black coins, put one on the game board and put the remaining coins (gold and black) back into the bag.

• If all spaces on the game board are occupied with black coins, lift up the game board and everyone counts the coins in their treasure chest. Whoever has the fewest coins gets two parrot cards and adds the coins shown on these to his collected coins.

• Each player draws treasure chest cards depending on the number of gold coins they have. The player who has collected the most full treasure chest cards wins.

Game instructions language: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian & French

Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking risk.

Age from: 5 years

Number of players: 2 to 4

Game duration from: 20 min



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