Thunderstrike & Other Stories (Paperback)

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Thunderstrike & Other Stories (Paperback)

Whether you're a hardened veteran or dipping your toes into the realms for the first time, these 19 brand new stories introduce you to the various factions as the Age of Sigmar enters the Era of the Beast.


– Thunderstrike by Richard Strachan

– Bossgrot by Eric Gregory

– The Spears of Autumn by Richard Strachan

– The Sea Taketh by David Guymer

– Buyer Beware by Gav Thorpe

– Shiprats by C L Werner

– The Neverspike by Darius Hinks

– The Garden of Mortal Delights by Robert Rath

– The Hammer of Immanence by Eric Gregory

– Blessed Oblivion by Dale Lucas

– The Serpent's Bargain by Jamie Crisalli

– Ghastlight by Anna Stephens

– The Siege of Greenspire by Anna Stephens

– The Gossip of Ravens by David Annandale

– Last of the Braskovs by C L Werner

– Strong Bones by Michael R Fletcher

– Mourning in Rainhollow by Dave Gross

– Watchers of Battle by Ben Counter

– Blood of the Flayer by Richard Strachan


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