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Trans America is a railroad board game centered on the construction of railroad track in the United States. The cities on the board are divided into five different regions with seven cities per region. These regions are denoted by circles of different colors. If there are two or three players, the ten cards with dashed circles are removed from play. These cities are the two most difficult to build to in each region. Each player selects one set of markers of the same color; a train for scorekeeping and a cylinder to mark the starting location. The train markers are placed on the thirteen on the score track. The "starting player" is then determined randomly. The game is played until one or more players reach zero points when the player with the most points remaining wins. If after the second round, the player with the least number of points has at least four points, the number of points needed to end the game is moved to three points below the player with the least number of points remaining. 


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