Ultimate Guard 24-Pocket QuadRow Pages Side-Loading (10)

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High-quality, double-sided pocket pages (24 pockets, 12 pockets each on front and back side) with a double reinforced 11-hole strip. Each pack contains 10 pages for storing and carrying at least 240 double-sleeved cards (24 per page).

- For Playsets: Organize your collection in a more suitable way
- Side-loading Design
- Double reinforced 11-hole strip
- 10 pages holding at least 240 double-sleeved cards
- 12-Pocket Pages with double page design
- Extra high clearness
- Durable polypropylene
- Acid free, no PVC
- Page size: approx. 291 x 305 mm

Ideal for the Ultimate Guard Supreme Collector Album QuadRow.


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