Ultimate Guard Return to Earth Boulder 100+ Deck Box Orange

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Ultimate Guard are introducing their Return To Earth series with one of their best-selling products. The Boulder 100+ is developed and produced in Germany, consists of 97% renewable resources and comes with FSC certified grass paper packaging.

There are no animal-based materials, plasticizers or melamine used in its manufacture.

The deck case is recyclable and holds up to 100 double-sleeved or 120 single-sleeved cards when using Ultimate Guard Sleeves.

With the purchase of this product, you directly support global reforestation. Together with OneTreePlanted Ultimate Guard are planting 10 trees a day, starting with the market entry of the first Return To Earth product, the RTE Boulder 100+.


To what extent are the products Fair Trade?

Ultimate Guard strictly care for fair trade and good working conditions in the production of their products.

Where are the things produced? What about products that are sold in the USA, are they locally produced?

The complete production takes place in Germany. Material is made in Germany, production is in Germany (6km away from the Ultimate Guard German headquarters in Herxheim).

A General statement on sustainability issues/accusations by Ultimate Guard:

"This is only a first and small step towards a sustainable supply chain and product line. The topic is not only important to us since today, but also in the past we have always paid attention to produce as consciously as possible and with regular visits on site we have ensured that production is fair."

Is it recyclable?


How about packaging? Is it also sustainable?

Yes, it will be mainly made from renewable resources.

What does “1% for the Planet” mean?

1% of the sales flows directly into the organization “1% for the Planet” to preservate and restorate the natural environment. 

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