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Goa, India, May 22, 1972: Nervously, a person skims over yesterday's news article: "International expedition disaster in the Himalayas. All 7 members of a mountaineering group are believed to have died during a summit ascent in the Himalayan Mountains. Included were citizens from England and the USA. The disparate group had left..." The person gazes out the train's window, deep in thought. Was this finally the end of days of flight? At the station a colorfully dressed figure greets the individual: "Welcome to Palolem Beach! I'm Jamie." "I'm Alex", the person replies and smiles, because they've always liked that name.

UNDO: Peak of no Return takes you back to this time and this tragedy...

In UNDO, the aim of the game is not to reconstruct a crime or identify a murderer. Instead, the players are incorporeal Weavers of Fate who travel through the past in order to prevent a tragic event from happening. Each time jump comes with a momentous decision, which will ultimately decide if the event will come to pass or not. Will the players be able to change fate and save the missing expedition members?



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