War Galley

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War Galley is the seventh volume in the multi-award winning Great Battles of History (GBoH) series, but the first to venture entirely into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is also the first historical boardgame published, in two decades, to address galley warfare. As such, GMT's War Galley is almost a complete history for this era of war at sea. What is best about War Galley is how easy it is to play-- the rules are about half the length of the usual GBoH game-- and that means that most battles can be complete in several hours, at the most. The battles themselves, cover all aspects of galley tactics, from the line against line of big ships at Salamis (Cyprus), to the Chase, Turn and Fight of Chios, to the Line Astern vs. Line Abreast at Side, to probably the most unusual of all ancient battles, the Roman arrowhead against the Carthaginian Lines Astern at Drepanum in 249 B.C. War Galley wars and battles covered by the scenarios are: Ionian Revolt- Lade, 494 BC Peloponnesian War- Arginusae, 406 BC The Silician Wars- Catana, 397 BC The First Successor War- Salamis, 306 BC (Cyprus) The First Punic War Ecnomus, 256 BC Drepanum, 249 BC Aegatian Islands, 242 BC The Macedonian Wars- Chios, 201 BC The War with Antiochus Side, 190 BC Myonessus, 190 BC The Civil War Tauris, 47 BC Naulochus, 36 BC Actium, 31 BC

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