Warhammer 40,000: Build+Paint Space Ork Raiders

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The war-loving Orks are savage warriors, who live only to fight. The Warboss leader is the biggest, meanest of all and at his side has Ork Nobz, who make sure all of the other Orks do what the Warboss demands. Ork weapons may look ramshackle but they are deadly in battle. The Deffkopta is typical of their war machines – noisy and erratic in flight, yet armed with deadly rokkits that can destroy a tank!

This larger kit includes a full-colour battlemat for you to display your collection as they prepare for war!


1x Deffkopta

1x Ork Warboss

2x Ork Boy with Big Shoota

5x Ork Nobz

1x Barricades

1x Paintbrush

1x Plastic Glue

6x Citadel Paints

1x Sticker Sheet

1x Display Mat

Requires assembly and painting.

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