Warhammer 40K Space Marines: Space Marine Stalker/Hunter 48-31

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Whether you choose to assemble a Stalker or a Hunter, this kit will create an anti-aircraft tank to be feared and admired. The Space Marine Stalker can target multiple enemies, stitching the skies with a hail of armour piercing bullets. The Space Marine Hunter, meanwhile, scours the enemies from the skies with its surface-to-air missiles. This box set provides the option to make either the Space Marine Stalker, or the Space Marine Hunter. The main weapon of the Space Marine Stalker is the Icarus stormcannon array; whilst the Skyspear missile launcher is the primary gun of the Space Marine Hunter. Whichever version you choose to make, there are options to include re-enforced armour on the sides of the tank, as well as pneumatic pins along the base. Both variants are built upon the Space Marine Rhino hull which is included in this box. This includes a back ramp which can be left unglued so that it opens and closes; interior detail including a control panel with spare boltgun; and 2 side hatches that can be glued open or closed. Also included is a sprue of vehicle upgrades with which even more detail can be added to the model. There are a choice of 2 top hatches (1 of which has the option to mount a storm bolter); enough parts to make either a Space Marine gunner within a turret, or an automated weapons system; a hunter killer missile; a pintle-mounted storm bolter; a sensor array; a searchlight; 2 smoke launchers; 2 towing hooks; and a name plate for the tank. This plastic kit contains 125 components with which to make 1 Space Marine Stalker. Also included is 1 Space Marine vehicle transfer sheet with which to add Chapter iconography and vehicle markings. This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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