Warhammer 40K Tyranids: Haruspex / Exocrine 51-19

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The Haruspex is a ferocious beast created to consume biomass at a sickening pace. It can devour an entire platoon of soldiers in a matter of moments, shovelling victim after victim into its jaws without pause. Exocrines are feared for their ability to deal death from afar. The Exocrine is purely a means of transportation for the bio-plasmic cannon nested into its flesh, a giant weapon able to unleash a vast ball of roaring energy, or several focussed streams of death from its multiple barrels. Both kits share the same body, and rear and middle legs. Either version can also be armed with a thresher scythe tail biomorph.  The Haruspexâs most obvious feature is its grasping tongue that comes as part of an inside out stomach containing 3 sets of jaws. Itâs also armed with a pair of crushing claws and has a horned head specific to this monster. The Exocrine is armed with a massive bio-plasmic cannon that sits atop the creatureâs body. It also comes with a pair of scything talons and has a unique head. This plastic kit contains 47 components with which to make either a Haruspex or Exocrine. This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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