Warhammer Shadow Warriors 87-18

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To this day the Shadow Warriors continue a long battle against the Dark Elves - whether on the shores of Ulthuan or the lands beyond. The Sisters of Avelorn prefer to fight their battles at range, as their weapons do not fire ordinary arrows but mystical bolts of white-blue flame that set tainted flesh afire. The Shadow Warriors are dynamic High Elf miniatures. They wear full-face helmets, gorget-styled collars, and they carry a range of items, including swords, bows and quivers. A large gemstone is set in the centre of their belts and they sport tall leather boots. Such is the nature of this multi-part plastic kit that the miniatures can also be used to make the equally compelling Sisters of Avelorn. In fact, models' legs can easily be slotted onto the different body types, in order to make different combinations of Sisters of Avelorn or Shadow Warriors. Each of the Sisters of Avelorn possesses wind-swept hair, is garbed in chainmail and carries magical bows with which to rapidly dispose of any threat to the Everqueen. They wear head decorations that feature heart-shaped gemstones - a motif that occurs elsewhere on the model, such as on the leather and metal scabbard. Both the Shadow Warriors and the Sisters of Avelorn would be striking additions to any High Elves collection. This multi-part plastic kit contains 69 components with which to make either 10 models, from either the Shadow Warriors or Sisters of Avelorn. This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly. 

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