Warhammer: Lizardmen Carnosaur/Troglodon 88-10

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Ridden into battle by the heroes of the Lizardmen, the Carnosaur is the ultimate predator in the jungles of Lustria. These death-dealing monsters wade through battle lines sowing destruction and terrorising their enemies. The Carnosaur has 3 different rider options. One option is to build this kit to represent the legendary Saurus lord Kroq-Gar, atop his Carnosaur Grymloq. The 3 sets of tusks mounted on the back of his saddle denote that Kroq-Gar is the toughest Saurus around, and there is a separate plaque that attaches to the top of this from which hang the skulls of his defeated enemies. Kroq-Gar himself is armed with the Revered Spear of Tlanxla. Alternatively a Saurus Old Blood, or a Lizardmen Scar Veteran can be mounted atop the Carnosaur. The Saurus Old Blood is noticeable as there are 2 sets of tusks mounted on the back of his saddle, whilst the Lizardmen Scar Veteran has to settle for just 1 set of tusks on his. The Scar Veteran also sports an alternative head crest, and both versions can be armed with either spear and shield, or hand weapon and shield. In addition to this, there is a choice of 2 top plates for the Carnosaur's head. This kit can also make a Troglodon with Skink Oracle. It contains a specific Troglodon head, with optional globule of venomous spit! The Troglodon also features a crested fin on its back and a twin tail, a detail that it shares with the Skink Oracle. The Skink itself rides bareback and holds a different yoke that attaches to a collar decorated with feathers. The Skink can be armed with either a javelin, or Divining Rod. If you elect to make the Skink Oracle on Troglodon there are enough parts to make either the Saurus Old Blood or Lizardmen Scar Veteran on foot as well. This multi-part plastic kit contains 96 components with which to make either a Lizardmen Carnosaur, Lizardmen Troglodon, or Kroq-Gar.ÂThis kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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