Warpath Rulebook

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Warpath is an exciting mass-battle wargame set in Manticâs science-fiction universe. The players assume the role of a battlefield commander, overseeing the firefights and long-ranged engagements fought out by their futuristic armies. These armies â human, alien, robot or something in between â are represented by Manticâs range of 30mm scale miniatures on a tabletop battlefield. The players must use all of their wits and make exciting tactical decisions to win the game. This rulebook contains everything you need to know to play Warpathâs dramatic battles. Inside you will also find: - six force lists for the races of the Warpath universe, from Asterians to Veer-myn. - six highly tactical missions to put your forces to the test. - an innovative Command system, designed to skilfully turn the tide of a battle. - a plethora of characterful units, special rules and Orders to immerse you in the futuristic universe of Warpath.

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