Warpath Asterian Chira Transporter / Chroma Force Platform

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Moving with an agility that belies its size, the Chroma Force Platform is one of the most devastating vehicles that the GCPS has ever faced. Mounting super heavy variants of either the Plasma Vortex or Fission Beamer, it hovers above the battlefield providing heavy fire support to Asterian ground troops

This set contains 1 Vehicle for Warpath, including:

1 Hard Plastic Chira Transporter/Chroma Force Platform

Choice of Transport Clips (Chira) or Power Generators (Chroma)

Chira is armed with two Noh Rifles

Chroma is armed with either Super Heavy Plasma Vortex or a Super Heavy Fission Beamer

Transparent Flying Base

Miniature supplied unassembled and unpainted. Infantry not included. 

Please note, some components are PVC plastic and will require super glue.

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