Warpath Asterian Reserve Force

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The highly skilled warriors of the Cypher Clades would appear to contradict the peaceful ways of the Asterians. They are in fact a necessity to face the horrors that these ancient guardians hold at bay. Without the Clades, the civilised races of the galaxy would be doomed.

This set contains a great army set for the Asterians in Warpath, including:

4 Plastic Cypher Wardens with Charge Gloves

2 Plastic Cyphers with Noh Rifles

2 Plastic Cyphers with Fission Beamers

2 Plastic Cyphers with Force Rifles

2 Plastic Cyphers with Missile Launchers

2 Plastic Cypher Primes

2 Plastic Sky Razors

2 Plastic Black Talons

1 Metal Black Talon Prime/Ten'Ur Go

1 Metal Shuuvatar

1 Hard Plastic Chira Transporter/Chroma Force Platform

Super Heavy Plasma Vortex and Super Heavy Fission Beamer Weapon Options

Transparent Flight Stand

25mm Round Bases

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires Superglue.

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