Warpath Plague Mega Force

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As he Plague outbreak enters ts  final stages, 3rd generation specialists pilot crudely modified vehicles. With their heavier firepower brought to bear, the final bastions of defence are cracked open under punishing fire, allowing the seething horde of infected to penetrate the compounds and slaughter those inside.

Contents: 20 Hard Plague Zombies, 30 Hard Plastic 3rd Gen Troopers, 6 Hard Plastic Plague Hounds, 3 PVC Plastic 2nd Gen Mutants, 2 PVC Plastic Striders, 1 PVC Plastic and Metal Strider with Burst  Laser, 1 Plastic Plague Mule, 1 Plastic Hornet Dropship, 1 PVC Plastic Teraton, and 1 PVC Plastic 1st Gen Mutant. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.   

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