Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown

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Ready to take your game night to the next level? Introducing Watch Yaâ Mouth THROWDOWN Edition! Includes 100 throwdown cards, 42 phrase cards (ages 8+), 10 multicolored mouthpieces (6 regular and 4 small), 4 straws, 4 noisemakers, 2 balls, 1 dice, and 1 sand timer. BOOM! Multicolored mouthpieces + action-packed THROWDOWNS x fresh funny phrases = turnt-up unpredictability and ludicrousness! Watch Yaâ Mouth Throwdown Edition amps up mouthguard gameplay more notches than you and your friendsâ belts combined. Our head-to-head mouthpiece THROWDOWNS (challenges) are lit and legit. Throwdown Edition fuses the signature silliness of the original Watch Yaâ Mouth Game with spanking-new, side-splitting tasks and surprises. With Watch Yaâ Mouth Throwdown Edition, 4-10 players face off in our mouthy mashup of all your favorite bar games, relay race activities, and acting, singing, and drawing throwdowns âwith some social media twists. One round of 4 people lasts 30-60 minutes and only uses 16 out of 100 THROWDOWN cards. Because thereâs nothing more annoying than blasting through a pack of cards in one night (or) actually having to talk to your friends. The Watch Yaâ Mouth line of team-based card games is outrageously fun, but sometimes mouthguard gamers wanna get physical and refuse to share the glory. Thanks to our Throwdown Dice, your opponent changes every turn, so you can take down all of your peeps one by one. The better you know your buddies, the more you can destroy them. Donât forget to record their humiliation and get Watch Yaâ famous! Gloat over your victories using #WatchYaMouth. Watch Yaâ Mouth Throwdown Edition comes with almost everything you need for one humdinger of a hilarious hootenanny. You do need a table. And friends. Plus a few common items like pens, paper, and spoons. As long as youâre not basic AF, we gotchu: 100 Throwdown Cards 42 Phrase Cards 6 Multicolored Mouthpieces (4 Regular and 2 Small) 4 Throwdown Straws 4 Noisemakers 2 Throwdown Balls 1 Throwdown Dice 1 Sand Timer That one friendâs uber-competitive meltdown, brought to you by Watch Yaâ Mouth. Every groupâs got one. If you donât think yours does, then itâs you, boo. But donât worry. We heart you anyway.


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