Zombie Fried

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Zombie Fried is a card game where you are a survivor of the Zombie apocalypse. My fellow Zombies and I now rule the world, and for some reason you humans are trying to prove to each other that youâre the best Zombie killer. You use the few resources that are at your disposal in an attempt to dispose of me and my kin, or to sabotage the other survivorsâ attempts to take out the biggest and best of our kind. The object of Zombie Fried is to collect the most points in your Brain Pan, because obviously you canât win without the brains. You do this by (unfairly to me and my friends) bagging Zombies. For those of you who are not strong enough (or too lazy) to bag Zombies on your own, you can hire a Big Damn Hero, or BDH, to bag Zombies for you. You and your BDH use whimsical Zombie killing weapons crafted from the meager resources left after the apocalypse, often modifying them with unusual items to make them inflict more damage on us (innocent) Zombies. As if weapons werenât enough, you use Action Plans to help you achieve your goal, often using those same Action Plans to place traps on us poor, unsuspecting Zombies. I canât be too upset, however, if youâre trapping us to prevent other survivors from killing us. I also fully support your use of Reality Checks to mess with the other pesky survivorsâ plans. So if you dare to challenge me, Lord Dead âN Buried, go ahead and try. Foil your fellow survivorsâ plans with traps and Reality Checks, equip and enhance your weapons, hire a BDH, and try not to get eaten. If youâre really lucky you might just make it to the Zombie Fried Halls of Honor and Fame. How many cards are there in the core deck? There are currently 105 Cards in the core game of Zombie Fried. The game breaks into 2 separate decks that come with the core. Zombies and Resources. What types of cards are in the core deck? ZOMBIE DECK - Zombies are a unique set of Unique Zombies that are rated from "easy to stomp" all the way up to "I think i just wet myself". The Zombie cards are what populate your Killing Field. RESOURCE DECK - The Resources Deck comes with several different types of cards that a player may run across. Action Plans - These little honey of a cards are cards that a player can either play during thier turn in order to help them defeat the zombie. or they can place it face down under a zombie in the Killing Field as a trap or potential trap to steal. You never know which is a trap and which is a good thing to steal from your opponents when going for a trapped zombie. Reality Checks - are fun. they are card you can play against your opponent to make it more difficult for them to defeat their zombie or there are some Reality Checks that stop of auto-fail the combat of your opponent. WEAPONS & MODIFICATIONS (MODS) - There are a crazy amount of unique weapons to use. each weapon can be modified with a MOD card that will improve the cards attack power. and some other cards allow you to place more than one mod on a weapon. Â BIG DAMN HEROES (BDH) - These are the last of the warrior breed. you can hire them to do your zombie dirty work for you and equip them with all the crazy weapons you have.


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