Zombies 6.66 Fill In The ___!!! ON SALE

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You have always thought... �If only I had some blank ZOMBIES!!! cards and tiles I could make a way better expansion than those hacks at Twilight Creations!� Well, here�s your chance, tough guy! Show us what you got... ZOMBIES!!! 6.66 FILL IN THE ____!!! adds... Well, honestly it adds nothing. But that�s the cool part. We provide the blank cards and tiles with the official Zombies!!! backs. You provide the rest. This expansion adds: � 16 blank map tiles � 32 blank event cards � Tiles and cards have the official Zombies!!! backs so they are compatible with all other Zombies!!! expansions. Designer: Todd Breitenstein and Kerry Breitenstein Artwork: Dave Aikins Playtesters: You!


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