Zpocalypse: Zmergency ON SALE

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Zmergency introduces the new Encounter Deck to go along with the Hospital and FEMA camp tiles. ÂIn Zmergency players are introduced to new game play and scenarios such as âGet to the Chopperâ The Quick Play Scenario is a Combat Phase only game that ignores all other Phases. The map is expanded in a different manner than the Main Game Scenario. You start with just one tile (determined by the Scenario being played), and on each turn you may walk off of the board and place a new tile . In Zpocalypse, players roll a to determine how many zombies spawn on that tile. Zmergency Rules differ in that they utilize the deck of Encounter Cards. Component List 1 Zmergency Manual 12 Larger-sized Cards consisting of: 4 Goal Cards 8 Scenario Cards 27 Poker Size Cards consisting of: 9 Armory Cards 16 Encounter Cards 1 Item Cards 1 Survivor Cards 4 Survivor Tokens (red, green, blue, yellow) 3 Sheets of Punchboard consisting of: 1 Bunker Entrance Token 6 Barricade Tokens 6 Door Tokens 12 Map Tiles 6 Obstacle Tokens 11 Loot Tokens 11 Sneak Check Tokens 4 Survivor Tokens (red, green, blue, yellow)

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